Hirotec HiViz Customer Portal Login

As a customer of Hirotec, you are able to access an extensive range of real time,critical operational and compliance information online through our HiViz customer portal.
  • Compliance Dashboard – At a glance obtain insight into your building portfolio compliance.
  • Expenditure Dashboard – Understand and manage expenditure with easy ‘one page’ views.
  • Review complete detail across your entire asset portfolio, including:
    • Maintenance and testing results
    • Defect and quote management
    • Job status
    • Compliance reporting
    • Raise service requests ‘on the go’
  • Drill-down functionality from building portfolio through to asset level detail.
  • Search by asset, service stream, individual building or building portfolio with the click of a button.
  • Mobile ‘Point and Prove’ functionality – walk up to an asset, scan it, and view maintenance status, defects raised, test dates and more – all from your smart phone.
  • Don’t be tied to your desk - see what is happening on your asset portfolio from anywhere.